The Great Invite

VMN is only as strong as its membership. The more people we have in our network, the better chance we have of expanding our minds, expanding our practice areas and meeting the ADR needs of our communities. In that vein, the membership committee is launching The Great Invite and asking all VMN members to invite at least three people who would help to strengthen our network to join VMN. We are especially interested in encouraging our Millennial and Gen Z colleagues to join us as well as members who reflect Virginia’s rich diversity.

To add some fun and competition, the person who secures the largest number of VMN members between April and June will receive a free fall conference registration! (We will ask new members to list the person who referred them when they register.)

To easily take part in The Great Invite we have prepared a letter that you can customize and send to your friends and colleagues. Simply cut and paste the information below or use your own words of invitation. Our goal is to increase our current membership from 150 to 200 by the fall conference so that our networking and educational opportunities will be even more robust.

Dear Colleague,

I hope you are well!

I write to make you aware of a resource for mediators and other alternative dispute resolution practitioners that has been helpful to me. The Virginia Mediation Network is the professional association for Virginia’s ADR practitioners. Founded over 30 years ago, VMN provides ADR practitioners with educational conferences, webinars and the opportunity to exchange experiences, ideas, techniques, knowledge, passion, and fellowship with highly trained practitioners.

I encourage you to join VMN as your next step in developing your successful career in ADR. Joining VMN adds value to your skill set in many ways.

  1. Our annual fall conference will keep you up to date with the newest trends in mediation and other ADR processes and provide continuing legal and continuing mediation education credits. It also is a great opportunity to connect with other ADR providers.
  2. Our website offers a “Find an ADR Practitioner” section so potential clients can find practitioners in or near their community.
  3. VMN works to keep members abreast of legislative changes that impact ADR practitioners and to increase funding and support for ADR in Virginia.
  4. VMN members can use the organizational logo and all members receive a quarterly newsletter, The VMN Link, that contains important updates and events in our community.
  5. As a public outreach service, VMN -- in conjunction with the Virginia Law Foundation and the Virginia Department of Social Services -- created an informational video about mediation. English and Spanish versions reach a broad population, and we hope it serves as a useful resource in educating the public about the advantages of using the mediation process. You can access that video through the VMN website:
  6. Starting in May, VMN will host an event and training section on its website where members with an enhance membership can advertise their upcoming training or other events.

There are various membership options to joining VMN and you can join at any time and receive a full year’s worth of benefits. If you think you might want to join, go to the Join us page on our website.

I’m hoping you will join our network!

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