Virginia Mediation Network Membership 2021

Starting January 5 the Virginia Mediation Network began using a highly-rated member management software called Wild Apricot. The most exciting part of this new system is that members can elect to have their memberships automatically renew on personal anniversary dates. This will allow new members to join mid-year and have the benefit of a full year’s worth of membership.  It will also allow current members to renew easily and not miss out on any of VMN’s member benefits. 

Payments will be handled much the same way as with PayPal, but it will be through AffiniPay, the internal payment plan of Wild Apricot.  Members will be able to edit individual profiles and access the new ‘store’ to purchase items that identify you as a VMN member or supporter.  We are elated to introduce this new member service program.  

The Virginia Mediation Network (VMN) is an association of professional mediators in the Commonwealth of Virginia whose mission is:

  • To provide an interdisciplinary forum for the exchange of ideas and the development of solutions to all forms of dispute.
  • To enhance the professional skills of mediators by promoting educational development in conflict resolution.
  • To increase the public understanding and acceptance of the role of mediators in dispute resolution.
  • To act as resource to organizations and institutions through which mediation services are provided.
  • To promote professional interests and skills of mediators at the local and state level.

Membership Levels

Enhanced Membership: $200.00

VMN Enhanced Membership includes all the benefits of “Basic Membership” PLUS the “Find a Mediator – Enhanced” page listing which includes your name, address, phone number, email address AND your photo, a link to your website, and a descriptive paragraph about your business and services. This additional information should be emailed to VMN at Your information will be included in VMN’s internet accessible database and in Google’s index AND the link to your website will elevate your placement in Google and other internet searches.

Basic Membership: $150.00

VMN Basic Membership offers reduced rates for conferences, free or reduced cost webinars, informative newsletters throughout the year and the “Find a Mediator - Basic” page listing which includes your name, phone number and email address in a searchable database. Your information will be included in VMN’s internet accessible database AND in Google and other search engines.

Community Mediation Center Volunteer: $75.00

This is a discounted Basic Membership for individuals who serve as an unpaid volunteer at a Community Mediation Center in Virginia. Please note that we will reach out to your Center Director to confirm your volunteer status.

Student or New Mediator Membership: $25.00

Student or New Mediator Membership is open to full time, higher education students and newly trained mediators interested in getting a head start in the professional mediation community. To qualify for this category, please submit proof that either you are a full-time student (copy of a current student ID card) or that you completed basic 20-hour mediation training within the last three months (training certificate signed and dated by your trainer). This membership includes all the benefits of the Basic Membership but does not include the “Find a Mediator” page.



Institutional Membership: $500.00 

An institutional member represents an interest group, institution of higher education, or governmental institution. Institutional Membership includes Basic Membership benefits for 5 individuals associated with the institution and use of the VMN logo. Additional memberships are $100 each.

Community Mediation Center Membership: $225.00

Community Mediation Center Membership is for Virginia’s non-profit ADR centers. It includes Basic Membership benefits for 3 individuals associated with the centers. (Centers are encouraged to provide at least 2 of the memberships to center volunteers.)


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