• What is Mediation? +

    Mediation is a process used to resolve conflict in which people identify what’s important, discuss various options, and determine their own outcomes. A mediator facilitates this conversation in a confidential setting.
  • Why choose mediation? +

    Mediation is a cost effective; time effective; confidential process. Parties have ownership of the process. It's a win- win outcome v. win-lose outcome.

  • How do I become a mediator? +

    To find out more about becoming a mediator, go to the Dispute Resolutions Services website
  • How do I become a member of VMN? +

    We offer an online membership application on our website.
  • What are the advantages of being a VMN member? +

    • Networking and marketing opportunities with attorneys, mediators, financial professionals, and other providers
    • Educational programs, conferences and meetings that qualify for continuing education credits
    • Mediation promotion and referral programs that can augment your practice development efforts
    • Membership in VMN is your entrée into the Virginia mediation community, and signifies your participation in the field of dispute resolution in Virginia.
    • Access to other members for professional advice via several different listserv
    • Representation and liaison for mediation issues with the VA Legislature, VA Courts, VA Bar Association, Universities and more
    • Discounts to conferences and training sessions
    • Discounted professional liability insurance
    • Your clients benefit from your VMN Membership by:
      • Membership in VMN tells clients you have a commitment to mediation.
      • Clients benefit from a multidisciplinary network of professionals you can refer to, and the ongoing mediation training VMN provides.
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